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Dynamite Baits    See More Dynamite Baits

Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Carp Red Krill Groundbait


Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Carp Red Krill Groundbait Introduced in 2012, Swim Stim Red Krill has already established itself a top favourite with UK match anglers. All products in the range include Premium Atlantic Krill which is a proven fish attractor and has already accounted for numerous match wins in the UK. Just like... more»

Your Price : £3.89

Dynamite Baits Marine Halibut Pellets (3mm - 14mm)
From £3.79

Dynamite Baits Pre-Drilled Marine Halibut Pellets

Dynamite Silver X Carp Groundbait

Dynamite Silver X Specimen Groundbaits

Bait    See More Bait
Flores Specials Freezer Bait Virus Boilies

Nash Gyro Bug Mix
Galaxy Freezer Baits - The G

Mainline Dedicated Freezer Bait Boilies Hybrid 1kg Bag

Popups, Dumbells & Wafters    See More Popups
Flores Specials - Tutti & Squid Washed Out Pink Dumbells
Mainline Dedicated Base Mix Balanced Wafters 18mm

Nash Bait Instant Action Popups - Crab & Krill

Sticky Baits Vortex Pop Ups

Dips & Glugs    See More Dips & Glugs
Nash Bait Instant Action Booster Juice - Coconut Creme
Flores Specials Hemp Oil
Sticky Baits - Cloudy Krill Liquid Additive
CC Moore Red Venom Liquid Additive / Food

Ready Made Rigs    See More Rigs

Korda DF Carp Rig


Korda DF Carp Rig Who wouldn't want to fish like Danny Fairbrass? Let's face it; the head of Korda catches more... more»

Your Price : £1.99

Korda KD Carp Rigs


Korda KD Carp Rigs These pre-tied KD rigs are a worthy addition to our ready-tied rig range, such is the popularity... more»

Your Price : £1.99

Terminal Tackle    See More Terminal Tackle
Nash Chod Ejector Kit
Korda Safe Zone Tail Rubbers

Korda Silicone Sleeves

Taska Baseline Tungsten Heli Chod System - Silty Black

PVA Products    See More PVA Products

Korda Solidz PVA Bag System


Korda Solidz PVA Systems Twelve years ago Korda launched the first ever PVA Funnelweb system and this product has stood the... more»

Your Price : £2.99

Korda Boilie Funnel Web PVA System

Korda Boilie Funnel Web PVA System With PVA sticks popular among many and so many boilie anglers out there, it was... more»

Your Price : £9.99

Hooks    See More Hooks
Korda Krank Hooks

Starbaits SB2 Hooks

Korda Kaptor Kurv Shank Carp Hooks (Barbed)

Nash Chod Twister Hooks

Leads    See More Leads

Korda Big Grippa Swivel Leads

Korda Big Grippa Swivel You can basically utilise these leads anywhere that you need more grip, like rivers, on the sides... more»

Your Price From : £1.35

Korda Flat Pear Swivel Leads Textured

Korda Flat Pear Swivel Textured Let's be clear, from the very start " our current camouflaged coating is, we believe, the... more»

Your Price From : £1.35

Rig Tools    See More Rig Tools
Nash Spot On Line Marker

Korda Baiting Needles
From £2.50

Jag SP Hook Sharpening Stone (Medium Grade - Red)
Gardner Hard Bait Drill